George W. Bush.
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George W. Bush

Is a stupid, bad-mouthed, extremely rich Republican?

Now folks, there been a lot of talk about how Republican Candidate George
Bush called a reporter a major brass pole. I guess you all have heard abut
that or something that sounds like it. Anyway, all of us at one
Time numbers have done stupid things. Most people don get caught on tape
Like Bush did but they do something that can be swept under a rug and they
Forgot it ever happened but today we have three people in our audience, three
Individuals have come forward to tell us how they, like George W. Bush, were
Major league IDIOTS for a day, ladies and gentleman.

I guess you know by now, Indiana university coach Bobby Knight fired after 29
Years at the school. 29 years. That a long time at one college. That how
Long it took Bush to get through Yale卻o that sounds about right.

And today George W. Bush visited a high school here in Southern California. He
only agreed to go after he was promised the teacher would not call on him.

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