Three little boys.
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Three little boys

Three little boys went out to play in the snow and make snowmen.
The first boy came in after just a few minutes. His mother asked him if he
was finished with his snowman already. He answered that he had made a Superman
snow man and it was easy, because he just had to add a cape.
The second boy came in after about an hour, so his mother asked him why it
took him so long. He answered that he had made a Harry Potter snowman, and that
it took a while to find a pair of glasses.
The third boy was out in the yard all day; in fact, he missed dinner. When he
finally came in, it was after dark, and his mother asked why it had taken him so
long. He answered that he had made a president George W. Bush snowman and that
it had taken a lot longer than he thought to hollow out his head.
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