US presidential campaign 2000.
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US presidential campaign 2000

George W Bush and Al Gore (Democratic candidate) were on an aero plane
cruising across the USA.
PILOT: We are now flying over part of Brooklyn. The average weekly wage over
this area is $1.
It was only days before the election and the two men were thinking of pulling
off some stunts.
GORE: I'm going to make someone down there a hundred times happier than they
are now instantly.
BUSH: How?
GORE: I'm going to throw a ?00 bill outside the window. Someone on $1 per
week will find it and my advisers have told me that that will make that
individual 100 times richer and therefore 100 times happier.
BUSH: I can do better than that. I'll make one hundred people a thousand times
GORE: How?
BUSH: By throwing out of the aero plane one hundred bills worth $1000 each.
The pilot hears the two hopefuls conversing and decides to join in.
PILOT: That's nothing. I can make at least 260 million people a million times
happier this instant.
BUSH & GORE: How? Please tell us!
PILOT: By throwing the two of you out of the aero plane.
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