A Worthy Charity.
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A Worthy Charity

Dear kindhearted friends...

Now that the holiday season has passed, please look into your heart to help
those in need.

Enron executives in our very own country are living at or just below the
seven-figure salary level. And, as if that weren't bad enough, they will be
deprived of it as a result of the bankruptcy and current SEC investigation.

But now, you can help! For only $20,835 a month, about $694.50 a day (that's
less than the cost of a large screen projection TV) you can help an Enron
executive remain economically viable during his time of need. This contribution
by no means solves the problem, as it barely covers their per diem, ...but it's
a start!

Almost $700 may not seem like a lot of money to you, but to an Enron exec it
could mean the difference between a vacation spent sucking ass in DC, golfing in
Florida or a Mediterranean cruise. For you, seven hundred dollars is nothing
more than rent, a car note or mortgage payments. But to an Enron exec $700 will
almost replace his per diem.

Your commitment of less than $700 a day will enable an Enron exec to buy that
home entertainment center, trade in the year-old Lexus for a new Ferrari, or
enjoy a weekend in Rio.
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