Healthcare Reform.
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Healthcare Reform

Hilary Clinton was taking a tour of a D.C. hospital while working to reform
healthcare in the U.S.
as she is touring, a doctor is explaining all the different functions of the
hospital to her. Eventually, they pass an open room in the inpatient ward, where
Hilary could clearly see a middle aged man masturbating with great enthusiasm.
The doctor quickly instructed the floor nurse to close the door. It was too
late, Hilary had already seen. She fiercely looked at the doctor and said, What
kind of hospital are you running here Doctor?

The doctor calmly explained to the First Lady that the man had a very rare
ailment, which required him to ejaculate three times daily, or his testicles
would swell and he would die.

Hilary accepted the doctor's explanation and they moved on.

A few minutes later, they came across another open room, yet this time they
witnessed a nurse on her knees giving a different middle aged man oral sex.

Hilary was outraged and called for an immediate explanation.

It's very simple Mrs. Clinton, said the doctor. This man suffers from the
same ailment as the last man, however he has a much better health plan.
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