I Have Sinned.
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I Have Sinned

While the Pope was in St. Louis he decided to grant absolution to three
sinners. The first person to come up was O.J. Simpson. The Pope asked,
揥hat is your sin?? stabbed two people to death.?
The Pope replied, 揔neel down. I抣l bless you and grant you absolution.?
Next in line was Bill Clinton.
揥hat was your sin, son??
cheated on my wife.?The Philanderer in Chief replied.
揔neel down, my son. I抣l bless you and grant you absolution.?
A third person came up and the Pope asked,
揥hat is your name??
揗onica Lewinsky.?
The Pope stroked his chin. 揌mmmm. Perhaps you should remain standing.?
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