Clinton at Hollywood.
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Clinton at Hollywood

Hollywood is right on the spot. A movie has been made about the Clinton
administration. It is rumored to be already completed. All that is left is to
figure out the title of the movie. Here are some candidates for the title:
* Citizen Stain
* Prince of Ties
* The Bad News Bares
* Dumb and Dumber Two
* Lady and the Tramp
* The Hoarse Whisperer
* Apackolies Now
* Dial M for Monica
* Willy Wonka and the Cigar Factory
* Saving Clinton's Privates
* Easy Liar
* All the President's Women
* The Lying King
* Free Willy
* President Dolittle
* Terms of Impeachment
* All's Well That Ends
* The Wizard of Odds
* Hip, Hip, Beret
* Driving Miss Monica
* A Bra Too Far
* Tie Panic
* Independent Counsel Day
* The Six Commandments
* Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue
* Neither an Officer Nor A Gentleman
* The Full Monica
* President on a Hot Tin Roof
* Red Faced in October
* Honey, I Shrunk the Presidency
* The Me Lie Massacre
* Bedtime for Bubba.
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