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Clinton at Elementary School.
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Clinton at Elementary School

One day Clinton is going to give a speech at an Elementary School. He asks the
teacher what the children are studying and she replies that they are learning
about Greek Tragedies. So the President decides to talk about Tragedies.
He asks a student, What would you consider to be a tragedy?
The kid thinks for a while and then says, If a boy is running after a ball
into a street and gets run over by a car and dies.
Clinton responds, No, I don't think that's a tragedy... that's an accident.
Then Clinton asks another kid to give an example of a tragedy.
The kid says, If a bus full of kids drives over a cliff and they all die.
This time Clinton says, I don't think that's a tragedy... I think that's a
great loss.
So again Clinton asks another kid to give an example of a tragedy.
The kid responds, If you, Hillary, and Al Gore are on Air Force One and it
Right! says Clinton to the kid. That would be a tragedy... how did
you ever know that?
Quickly, the kid replies, Because I know it's not an accident and I know
it's not a great loss.
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