President Clinton?.
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President Clinton?

Remember President Clinton? He had to go to London over there to pick up
another quarter of a million dollar speaking fee. And he had to fly commercial
for the first time, and I am thinking 'Wait a minute? Isn't that a violation of
his parole?' 桪avid Letterman
It would be funny if it wasn't so sad ?getting off the plane. See Clinton,
he thinks that he is on Air Force One, so he gets off the plane and out of force
of habit, he steals the pillows and the earphones and the chairs and the flight
attendant and the landing gear and the cockpit and the lavatory and the
in-flight movie and the flaps and the vertical stabilizers, the reverse
thrusters. 桪avid Letterman
Clinton flew to Europe yesterday to give a series of lectures. Hey, wouldn't
it be great for revenge if while the Clintons were out of town the Bushes snuck
into their house in Chappaqua and stole all the furniture back? 桱ay Leno
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