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1. Answering machine message 15 (5/9/2010)
    Hi! John's answering machine is broken. This is his refrigerator. Please speak very slowly, and I'll stick your message to myself with one of these magnets.
2. Answering machine message 13 (5/9/2010)
    Hi. This is John's answering machine. He's not here, but I'm open to suggestions.
3. Answering machine message 11 (5/9/2010)
    Computer style monotone: Hello, I am the XS486 Mark Five answering machine. I am equipped with the new Pentium processor to assure that nothing can go wrong..
4. Answering machine message 09 (5/9/2010)
    Don't you do it! Don't you dare! I don't want to hear it! Don't you beep! If you beep, I'll... don't even think about it!... Don't...!
5. Answering machine message 07 (5/9/2010)
    Prepare for alpha test of Beep Software revision 1.05. Counting down to test: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
6. Answering machine message 05 (5/9/2010)
    Drawling granny voice: Way back inna winner of fifty-two, we didn' have fanshy gadjets like no ansherin' machine. You jusht had to call and call until shummbo
7. Answering machine message 03 (5/9/2010)
    You know what I hate about answering machine messages? They go on and on, wasting your time. I mean, all they really need to say is, We aren't in, leave a me
8. Answering machine message 01 (5/9/2010)
    Well I finally got an answering machine. Now how does this thing work? Hmmm. Press record button, I did that, and the light should be on. I wonder why it's
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